Automate Shared Cases Using Commission Splits

Reid Tattersall

5/30/2021 · 1 min read

While commission splits can be added during the agent’s DocuSign session, BOSS’s commission splits feature can automatically add additional agents and split percentages.

For example, let’s say an agency has a 30%/70% split with their agent. The agency could have 100% of their agent’s commission assigned to the agency, process their own commission accounting, and pay 70% to the agent. Alternatively, a commission split can be created so that 30% of the commission goes to an agent that assigns commissions to the agency and the remaining 70% goes directly to the agent, eliminating the need for the agency to process commission accounting and pay the agent.

You can add a commission split by going to the writing agent’s settings in BOSS as shown below. Commission Splits on Settings

If you want commission splits only applied to a specific Quote & Apply website, you can override the commission split settings from the agent’s settings by using the Commission Splits tab on a Quote & Apply website as shown below. Commission splits on a Quote & Apply website

Important notes:

  • BackNine will automatically appoint the additional agents you are splitting commissions with.
  • If the agent you are splitting commissions with isn’t licensed in the state of the application, they will not be added to the case and a note informing you of the occurrence will appear on the case.
  • Commission split automation only applies to applications completed via Quote & Apply.
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