BackNine Launches VUL on Quote & Apply

Reid Tattersall

7/23/2021 · 1 min read

We’re excited to announce the release of our first variable universal life product on Quote & Apply for agents with securities licenses. Protection VUL offers customers low-cost permanent insurance, optional no-lapse guarantee and long-term care riders, and the ability to grow their money based on their investment choices.

To show Protection VUL, “Protection VUL” must be enabled (shown below) on your Quote & Apply’s settings and you must have entered your CRD number into your BOSS’s Settings. Quote & Apply Settings

You’ll then see Protection VUL on the Lifetime tab: Protection VUL

The default solve for Protection VUL is a no-lapse guaranteed to age 100. This provides customers with a guaranteed death benefit regardless of investment performance but also the ability to grow substantial cash value based on their investment selections. The policy’s design can be modified using the filters shown below. Filters

Entering your CRD number into BOSS and/or with running illustrations does not notify your broker-dealer. When you submit a variable case, BackNine will get you appointed with the insurance carrier. The CRD number within your appointment request informs the insurance carrier of your broker-dealer. When commissions are earned, the carrier will pay your commission to your broker-dealer and the GA commission to BackNine’s broker-dealer.

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