Case Study: LTCi sale for 50ish female couple in California

Claude Thau

9/11/2022 · 1 min read

We advised a broker regarding LTCi for a couple of 50ish women, doing the analysis and explaining our findings to the clients, using our proprietary spreadsheets. One client is particularly analytical. Her questions helped us provide thorough education. We got them excellent coverage and a 45.5% discount compared to purchasing separate identical policies! They texted their broker: “Thank you. You found us an angel in long term care insurance.” These clients have already provided two additional client referrals to the broker and seem likely to refer others. Take-aways:

  1. Detailed knowledge is critical to find the best solution for clients. Do you know which carrier(s) are generally more favorable for a female couple? For a male couple? For a heterogenous couple?
  2. People in CA (and NY, PA and MN) are particularly interested now because of pending state LTCi programs. Potential exemption from a new state tax did not stimulate this sale, but it helps stimulate referrals. Contact me for tools to educate clients about these proposed state programs.
  3. Our educational approaches are effective in closing sales.
  4. LTCi can lead to referrals, especially now in CA, NY, PA and MN.
  5. Age 50 is an excellent time to buy LTCi. They both qualified for the most favorable rate classification. If you buy at a young age, you pay less because of your young age and because of your outstanding health. Can we help you provide outstanding LTCi for your clients?

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