How Do Appointments Work?

Reid Tattersall

6/11/2021 · 1 min read

The majority of states offer “just in time” appointments so you don’t need an active appointment prior to submitting the application. For these states, if you don’t have an appointment through BackNine, we’ll submit your carrier-specific appointment request (using the information you provided within your contracting settings in BOSS) in conjunction with the insurance application. The carrier will underwrite the application and work on your appointment simultaneously and in most cases, the appointment is done well in advance of the application issuing.

For pre-appointment states, if you don’t hold an active appointment through BackNine, you won’t be able to generate the DocuSign within Quote & Apply. We automatically show a “Paused for Contracting” message and you’ll be emailed stating we need your appointment completed prior to proceeding to eSign. We’ll automatically start your appointment when it’s a pre-appointment state and you try to generate the DocuSign.

BackNine does not mass appoint (i.e. get you appointed with multiple companies without new business). In addition to pre-appointment state scenarios, we will also appoint agents in advance of an application upon special request and approval. The most common example being when an agent has background issues and we want to confirm they’ll be able to get appointed prior to submitting an application.

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