How I Could Have Saved More Than Two Months in UW!

Claude Thau

9/18/2022 · 1 min read

I submitted a LTCi application on June 28. Unfortunately, the medical provider sent the insurer only partial records. On July 12th, the carrier requested a complete set of medical records. More than two months have passed, but the doctor’s office has not yet fulfilled the request. That’s not the insurer’s fault; they’ve been following up diligently.

Since then, BackNine Insurance Services added long-term care insurance to the products available on its Quote & Apply software system. I was unable originally to submit it through Quote & Apply, but today I could do so.

One of the advantages of Quote & Apply is that clients can upload their medical records during the application process. If I took that app today, the 2±month delay would not occur!

Continuous technological improvement is important and Back9 has a great track record in that regard!

With Quote & Apply, clients have a better experience. If clients have a better experience, advisors will also have a better experience!

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