How to Add Agents

Reid Tattersall

8/4/2021 · 1 min read

You can add agents within BOSS by clicking the add menu > Advisor as shown in the image below:

Advisor Add

Select one of the options: ​​​​Invite Options

  • Invite an Assistant: This will create a BOSS agent that can view your business. You will also have access to the assistant’s data.

  • Invite a Downline Agent: This will create a BOSS agent that you can manage. You can specify the downline agent’s commissions and also receive the difference between the downline agent’s commission level and your commission level. The agent’s name, phone numbers, addresses, and licenses are retrieved from NIPR.

  • Invite Many Downline Agents: This will give you a customized URL that you can share that allows agents to sign up under you. Read more at

The agent you add will receive an email with their password. If they are a downline agent, they will receive an email with their Quote & Apply website along with a series of onboarding emails.

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