How to Add Quote & Apply to your Website

Reid Tattersall

4/13/2022 · 1 min read

Log into BOSS and click "Quote & Apply"
Click Quote & Apply

Click the + icon
Click + icon

Click "My Own Site" > enter in your website > click Create.
Create snippet

You'll then be taken to the settings for your new Quote & Apply website. You'll receive an email with your snippet of code, but you can also click "Generate Embedded Code" and then "Copy" to copy the embed code to your clipboard.
Show page
Copy embed code

An example of the embed code is:
<div id="container-id"></div><script id="strife" src="" data-strife-key="YourKeyHere" data-strife-container-id="container-id"></script>

Once you have the embed code, paste it into the HTML of your website where you want Quote & Apply to appear. We suggest you make the width at least 980 pixels. In general, a height should not be specified because the height of Quote & Apply changes per step. For websites such as Wix that do not support dynamic resizing of iFrames, modify the embed code by adding use-webapp="true" like this:
<div id="container-id"></div><script id="strife" src="" use-webapp="true" data-strife-key="YourKeyHere" data-strife-container-id="container-id"></script>

Save your HTML file, open it in a browser, and now you should be all set!