How to Add Quote & Apply to your Website

Reid Tattersall

4/13/2022 · 1 min read

Log into BOSS and click “Quote & Apply” Click Quote & Apply

If you don’t already have a Quote & Apply website, click the + Create a Widget button and then enter a unique name for your website. Create a widget

Create a website

Click on your existing Quote & Apply website, or if you just created a Quote & Apply website you’ll be taken to the settings for your new Quote & Apply website. Click “Generate Embed Code” and then “Copy” to copy the embed code to your clipboard. Show page Copy embed code

An example of the embed code is: <div id="container-id"></div><script id="strife" src="" data-strife-key="YourKeyHere" data-strife-container-id="container-id"></script>

Once you have the embed code, paste it into the HTML of your website where you want Quote & Apply to appear. We suggest you make the width at least 980 pixels. In general, a height should not be specified because the height of Quote & Apply changes per step. For websites such as Wix that do not support dynamic resizing of iFrames, modify the embed code by adding use-webapp="true" like this: <div id="container-id"></div><script id="strife" src="" use-webapp="true" data-strife-key="YourKeyHere" data-strife-container-id="container-id"></script>

Save your HTML file, open it in a browser, and now you should be all set!

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