Insured Cover Letter Added to Quote & Apply

Reid Tattersall

3/7/2023 · 1 min read

A cover letter re-stating the insured’s build, smoking status, and citizenship has been added as another feature to improve placement ratio.

This allows the insured to confirm the details that went into determining their rate class. It’s especially useful when the agent completes 100% of the application, as it gives the insured a chance to confirm and correct it.

Cover Letter Example

If the insured declines to eSign, they will be texted a link to get back into Quote & Apply to make changes and create a new DocuSign.

If the insured declines to sign, they must provide a reason, and that reason will be available in BOSS.

Low placement ratios are plaguing the life insurance industry. Improving them is a win for customers, agents, BackNine, and carriers. BackNine will add underwriting conditions on this cover page so customers apply at accurate rate classes.