Kai-Zen Premium Finance

Reid Tattersall

3/10/2022 · 2 min read

Before you can access NIW’s Kai-Zen website, Ilia, or request illustrations, you need to complete the following:

Go to http://www.kaizenplan.com/agents/registration/ > WEBSITE REGISTRATION > complete the Website Registration form > click “REGISTER”.

Once registered, complete NIW’s Selling and Non-Disclosure Agreement and email it to your marketing manager.

AGENT TRAINING: Once you log in after being given access, you will need to click on your specific carrier of choice logo box and then you will see 6 tabs. The tabs are MARKETING MATERIALS, SAMPLE ILLUSTRATIONS, ENROLLMENT AND PAPERWORK, MARKETING VIDEOS, WEEKLY WEBINARS and AGENT TRAINING.

Please go to the AGENT TRAINING tab and watch the top section of videos. There are a total of 6 videos. Four of those videos are short and the top two are KAIZEN agent training webinars on all facets of the KAIZEN program. This is a crucial step in your training and is a requirement. Once you have a client ready to go please watch the WHAT TO EXPECT AFTER TRANCHE CLOSING video so you can set expectations for your client as well as yourself throughout the program. As a preferred advisor, all your applications will be inputted through the ILIA platform.

ILIA Access: Your PREFERRED ILIA access requires you to have completed NIW’s NDA and then to watch VIDEO#1 – NEW AGENT ILIA TRAINING link below before gaining access to ILIA.

Once registered for kaizenplan.com website and once you have watched the ILIA training VIDEO#1 below, email your marketing manager to gain access to ILIA. BackNine will get your ILIA access from NIW once both enrollment requirements have been completed and you will be given access to both sites.

VIDEO #1- NEW AGENT ILIA TRAINING Meeting Recording Link: Password: Preferred01! https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/gVmfnjyjt43pdnyJRZZ3XjD-53BrLiyTBQN9jtUs10XExCMTPLeppRw3Wynwwh3Z.4yfLqSDIFEjwUjpX

All applications must use Nevada as the application state because the owner will be a Nevada trust. Please obtain your NV insurance license before taking the application.

Client ready to Enroll - Watch VIDEO #2 – CLIENT APPLICATION PROCESS to walk your client through the application process.

VIDEO #2- NEW CLIENT APPLICATION PROCESS This is the enrollment training webinar that will guide you through the enrollment process: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/5314113832825442567

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