Life Insurance Calculator

Reid Tattersall

9/1/2021 · 1 min read

Quote & Apply has a built-in life insurance needs calculator. To access it, click "Calculate" as shown below.
Click Calculate

You'll then see the needs analysis calculator.
Life insurance calculator

After clicking "Calculate", you'll see a summary of how much coverage is suggested.

You can turn any Quote & Apply website into a life insurance needs calculator by changing the "Start Page" within BOSS.
Start Page

Then when you load your Quote & Apply webpage, the first thing you'll see is the life insurance needs questionnaire.
Life insurance needs analysis questionnaire

Want to see a live demo of the life insurance calculator start page? Go to

If you need a free Quote & Apply website:

  1. Sign up or login into BOSS at
  2. Click Quote & Apply on the top left
  3. Select an existing or create a new Quote & Apply website
  4. Change the "Start Page" to "Life Insurance Calculator"