Life Insurance Calculator

Reid Tattersall

9/1/2021 · 1 min read

Quote & Apply has a built-in life insurance needs calculator. To access it, click “Calculate” as shown below. Click Calculate

You’ll then see the needs analysis calculator. Life insurance needs analysis questionnaire

After clicking “Calculate”, you’ll see a summary of how much coverage is suggested. Summary

You can turn any Quote & Apply website into a life insurance needs calculator by changing the “Start Page” within BOSS. Start Page

Then when you load your Quote & Apply webpage, the first thing you’ll see is the life insurance needs questionnaire. Life insurance needs analysis questionnaire

Want to see a live demo of the life insurance calculator start page? Go to

If you need a free Quote & Apply website:

  1. Sign up or login into BOSS at
  2. Click Quote & Apply on the top left
  3. Select an existing or create a new Quote & Apply website
  4. Change the “Start Page” to “Life Insurance Calculator”
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