National Guardian Life Added to Quote & Apply

Reid Tattersall

10/2/2022 · 1 min read

BackNine is proud to announce National Guardian Life’s traditional LTC on Quote & Apply. National Guardian Life (NGL) offers unique LTC solutions for customers interested in:

  • Lower premiums. NGL may be up to 20% less expensive than the next lowest priced carrier based on the state. National Guardian Life on Quote & Apply
  • Single Pay, 10 Pay, and Lifetime premium options. Pay durations
  • Several Return of Premium options allowing policy owners to receive up to 80% of their premiums back upon surrender. Return of premium options

We’d like to remind agents

  • NGL uses a daily benefit as opposed to a monthly benefit which may result in more unreimbursed services.
  • NGL uses service days as opposed to a calendar days to calculate the elimination period. Elimination period
  • Underwriting may be more stringent. Refer to the underwriting guide before completing the application. Underwriting guide