The Life Insurance Program Tailored for Smokers Aiming to Quit

Paul Pichie

5/23/2023 · 2 min read

We’re thrilled to present the Quit Smoking Incentive (QSI), an avant-garde program that revolutionizes how Standard and Preferred Smokers can obtain life insurance. John Hancock’s UL and VUL products now provide a unique pathway for policyholders to transition to Standard Non-Smoker policy charges during the first three years of policy ownership.

The progression to Non-Smoker status starts from the first policy anniversary. Continuing to benefit from the Non-Smoker policy charges after the initial three years is possible when the insured individuals provide proof of their successful abstention from smoking for a minimum duration of 12 consecutive months, including a microurinalysis devoid of nicotine and its metabolites.

The result is the reclassification of the policy as Non-Smoker, and a subsequent modification of future policy values to mirror Standard Non-Smoker policy charges. This transformative incentive is accessible to individuals within the age bracket of 20 to 70 years (nearest age). It’s pertinent to mention that substandard ratings are excluded from this incentive.

Failing to quit smoking within the stipulated timeframe or neglecting to apply for Non-Smoker policy charges during the first three policy years, implies that the policy will continue to be categorized as a Smoker policy and maintain the existing Smoker policy charges.

The QSI is an enticing program with current Non-Smoker policy charges mirrored in the client’s illustration. An additional feature of the QSI is that it accommodates term conversions or internal replacements on certain fully underwritten permanent products that are currently for sale, including internal replacements and permanent policies issued because of a term conversion.

Please note that this life-changing opportunity is only available on selected John Hancock permanent products.

We thank you for your attention to this new policy framework and encourage any interested parties to utilize this unprecedented opportunity to enhance their life insurance benefits. For additional information or field underwriting questions, please contact Paul Pichie, Director of Advanced Markets, at (818) 221-0010 or via email at [email protected].


Male age 33, $2.5mm Death Benefit$, 5-pay premium of $57K

Non-Smoker Cost of Insurance Paul

Male age 33, $2.5mm Death Benefit$, 5-pay premium of $57K

Smoker Cost of Insurance


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