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12/17/2021 · 2 min read

White Glove Enrollment and Marketing Services

We understand how busy you are with all the demands of being an insurance producer. Let us do all the heavy lifting for you!

At NO INSTALLATION COST, our team will show you how to increase life insurance sales with NO interruption in your business day with these tools:

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We walk you through how our simple tools make your website be a sales engine for you. Your website will look similar to this: www.Quoteitmyself.com

Follow these simple processes to drive more business via this web page. We will handle all the applications for you as your branded life insurance office!

  • Provide “Set it and Forget it” life notifications for all your current P&C policy holders and other renewals or life events, such as birthdays, from your agency management system or CRM.
  • We create monthly and seasonal email campaigns for you to send to your current clients or prospects.
  • Show you how to turn on integrations that work with popular P&C raters to present a life quote to every P&C quote as a referral to us in seconds.
  • Set up links in social media, email signatures, and other destinations.


  • Commissions are paid as earned. For example, if the owner pays monthly, your commission will be paid monthly. If the owner pays annually, your commission will be paid annually.
  • Commissions are paid from BackNine typically two weeks after the premium is reported. You can view commission rates on all products at https://app.back9ins.com/products/ and view earned commissions by viewing your specific case within BOSS or by viewing all commissions at https://app.back9ins.com/commissions/.

Testimonials from Agents

Armand G. New York “Not only did the White Glove Team show me how to dramatically increase sales: I was able to partner with huge groups to sell into their members. White Glove does all the work and I enjoy the revenue!”

Randy N, New Jersey. “I wanted to sell life insurance but was simply too busy. They helped me with every step of the process. I no longer worry about losing clients to other agents that offer more services.”

Jeff J. Florida. “Bravo BackNine! I am attracting more new business to my firm and retaining key clients at higher rates. Thank you for being my life insurance office while I build other parts of my business.”

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a demo, please contact:

Jake Hering, Director of White Glove [email protected]

To schedule a demo, please use the link below: Schedule Meeting

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