Who Owns the Client with BackNine?

Reid Tattersall

6/12/2021 · 1 min read

BackNine’s goal is to build long-standing, mutually beneficial relationships with insurance advisors to ultimately protect and improve the financial lives of Americans.

BackNine’s customer is the insurance advisor. As a result of serving the insurance advisor, BackNine collects data on the insurance advisor’s customer (i.e. policyholders). The policyholders are the insurance advisors’ clients. BackNine will never utilize the data provided by the insurance advisor or data generated from the insurance advisor’s use of BackNine’s software to solicit insurance without the insurance advisor’s consent or while BackNine promotes the insurance advisor as a part of the solicitation.

For example:

  • If a conversion opportunity appears, that opportunity is directed to the insurance advisor.
  • If an offer for insurance goes out to your client from BackNine, that offer will be consented to by the insurance advisor or the offer will prompt the policyholder to purchase insurance products through the insurance advisor. In most situations both.

BackNine does not share data between unaffiliated insurance advisors. As an example, the data created through an insurance advisor’s Quote & Apply is not accessible by a competing insurance agent.

We strive to build tools to simplify the selling of insurance. As a part of our mission, we collect sensitive information on insurance advisors and their policyholders. We use this information to provide insurance advisors with tools to make their work easier and such data is treated with the utmost importance.

We looking forward to growing a relationship with you. If you have any questions or concerns, please email [email protected].


Reid Tattersall, VP

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