Commission Features

Reid Tattersall

6/12/2021 · 1 min read

BackNine provides users with the following commission controls to simplify the selling of insurance.

  • Commission Splits: While commission splits can be added during the agent’s DocuSign session, BOSS’s commission splits feature can automatically add additional agents and split percentages. For example, let’s say an agency has a 30%/70% split with their agent. The agency could have 100% of their agent’s commission assigned to the agency, process their own commission accounting, and pay 70% to the agent. Alternatively, a commission split can be created so that 30% of the commission goes to an agent that assigns commissions to the agency and the remaining 70% goes directly to the agent, eliminating the need for the agency to process commission accounting and pay the agent.
  • Commission Lock: A commission lock disables an agent’s or agency’s ability to modify Commission Splits, Commission Rates, and who they assign commissions to. This feature is most commonly used by agencies that have agents who are required to assign commission to the insurance agency. By default, each agent and agency is able to modify their Commission Splits and who they assign commissions to, so turning commission lock on can prevent your agents from changing their commission settings.
  • Assign Commission: You can specify who your agent assigns commissions to on the Business tab of their settings as shown below: Assign Commissions
  • Prevent from Viewing Commissions: Any user with a connection to an agent or agency an enable “Prevent from Viewing Commissions” on the agent’s or agency’s settings which will prevent the user from seeing commission information within BOSS. The user won’t see commissions within their settings, won’t see the Commissions tab in the navigation menu, and won’t see the commission percentage or the commission tab on a case. Prevent from Viewing Commissions
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